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Sierpe Mangroves

Eight Species of Mangrove in Terraba Sierpe

Eight species of mangroves are found in Sierpe, of which the tallest of the world. The black mangrove, the red mangrove, the tea mangrove and the grey mangrove are the most common ones. Mangroves are incredible plants with very big long roots that have evolved to survive in spite of low oxygen content and in salty water. The mangroves of Tarraba Sierpe are the most impressive of the world and they also attract large colonies of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and aquatic life forms. Right below the surface live pools of fresh water fish and mollusks, of which many find their way on the tables of some of the restaurants of the area.

Multitudes of birds and wildlife

These fantastic mangroves attract myriads of rare birds thus all the birdwatchers visiting the area are pleasantly surprised by the abundance of resident and migratory feathered creature that visit or live in these swamps. Two endemic hummingbird species, the yellow billed hummingbird and the mangrove hummingbird are common to the area, as well various species of herons: the tiger-throated, the great blue, the boat-billed, and the green-backed, to name a few. There are also pelicans, egrets, mangrove black hawks and various types of toucans. It is no wonder birdwatchers are pouring in from all over the planet.

The Sierpe Boca Beach

Once the Sierpe river emerges from the mangroves it reaches the Pacific Ocean forming the Sierpe Boca Beach. This splendid hidden paradise is only accessible by boat, and is pristine and totally unexploited. It does resemble a small paradise for its myriad of exotic trees, of which many grapefruit fruit trees, and miles of untouched beach to explore with the great possibility to catch a glimpse of whales and dolphins. This is Osa at its best, offering you moments of awe and peace, surrounded by magnificent natural beauty. Swimming there is also fantastic and it is possible to surf the Boca waves a little further out, if you are brave or keen enough! It is highly recommended to bring sufficient water, a hat and a good sunscreen.