San Pedrillo Ranger Station

Located to the northern entrance of the park, The San Pedrillo Ranger Station is about 45 minutes by boat south of Drake Bay. It is mostly visited by people coming from Sierpe and Drake Bay and the closest station to Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp. Visitors come there for day trips, a 5-hour hike from Drake Bay to the ranger’s station that follows the beach from Drake Bay to Punto Marenco. The Rio Claro can be crossed at low tide however boats are also available. The short trails of San Pedrillo are excellent for wildlife observation and some even have beautiful waterfall and rivers that are great for swimming.

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Los Patos Ranger Station

The Los Patos Ranger Station is located by the eastern entrance of the park and is accessed through Las Palma, the only town on this side of the park. This is a humid, if not wet hike, a three hour walk that takes you across the Rincon river many times. It is possible to do this trail horseback riding, and taxis are available during the dry season. This is a region of primary forests, pre-montagne and cloud forests. There are many trails in Los Patos. One of them goes to La Sirena, connecting the Guayami Indian Reserve.

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Sirena Ranger Station

The La Sirena Ranger Station is where you will find the ranger station headquarters and is the heart of the Corcovado National Park. Located right on the coast, you can stay overnight at this station before continuing on throughout the rest of the park. This is the hardest station to get to, but well worth it for those who take the time to make the trip. La Sirena to La Leona is a hot 16 kilometers beach hike that takes 7 hours to complete. Timing is important here because of the tide and also for the heat. This trail passes through rocks on the shore that can be crossed at low tide or else there is another trail that goes inland that is parallel to the beach, and that provides more shade. Beware of the Crocodiles at tide crossing and for extended hikes it is recommended going with a guide.

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