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Drake Bay Hotels Corcovado Costa Rica

Extraordinary Flora and Fauna of Drake Bay

The highlight of visiting Drake Bay is of course the Corcovado National Park. This is probably the most awesome place to visit in Costa Rica, a wonder of the world home to species found nowhere else in the world, a refuge of endangered flora and fauna. You can expect to see Red Macaws, tapirs, quetzals, red-eyed tree frogs, and various species of monkeys to name just a few. This tropical heaven also has miles after miles of pristine wild beaches, impressive coves and lagoon that are perfect for scuba diving, decorated by the spectacular palms that grown long the shoreline. Drake Bay is the perfect refuge for a peaceful vacation as well as for those seeking active adventure.

National Parks and Refuges

There are other protected zones that are a must see; the Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife Refuge, located on the hills south of the little town of Agujitas, is a beautiful combination of beach and tropical forest over an area of 500 hectares, and further down the coast you will find the Campanario Biological Reserve. They offer very basic lodgings and you even can enroll in Neotropical Ecology classes. The small town of Los Planes, near Agujitas, is a real little rain forest dwelling, asbsolutely ideal either for hiking or horseback riding. The Naguala waterfall is great for swimming and for fishing Tilapia. In Tesoro Verde, the owner of the restaurant, Alfredo has the biggest collection of 70s music of the country!

Rangers Stations Near Drake Bay

The San Pedrillo Ranger Station is only accessible by foot, through a 4-hour hike, or by boat, which takes about one hour; most hotels can arrange for the boat trips. It is located about 16 kilometers south of Drake Bay, along the palm-lined coastline. Once inside the station, you can wander amidst the multitude of trails that zigzag through the park. You will soon understand why this land is considered to be a wonder of the world.

The hike goes through beautiful beaches and up the hills surrounding the coastline. There are various eco-resorts where you can stay in harmony with nature. Guides can take you to some extraordinary waterfall where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. The trail to La sirena is considered to be extremely difficult and is only for the fittest. The Sirena-San Pedrillo trail is currently closed to the public.

Drake Bay in Southern Costa Rica

Located on the north side of the untouched Osa Peninsula, Drake Bay, has mostly become famous by hosting Corcovado National Park.  Until recently, the bay was only accessible by boat, which enabled it to remain a pristine low-land tropical rainforest with little development. Now, access to the bay is possible via a dirt road during the dry season, however, some of the most  scenic spots can still only be reached by boat. Eco-tourism is the main activity in the area and the Corcovado Tent Camp is set up just south-west of this beautiful bay, offering guests a luxury camping experience.

A Little History of the Fabled Drake Bay

It is said that Sir Francis Drake discovered this port in the late 16th century, thus it’s name.  More interestingly, it is supposedly the location British pirate’s hidden treasures…although no treasure has ever been found.  As one of the Costa Rica’s most isolated destinations, Drake Bay doubles as a Lost Paradise, rich with tropical landscapes and abundant wildlife.

National Parks and Refuges

In addition to Corcovado National Park, there are other protected zones near Drake Bay that are a must-see.  The Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife Refuge which is located in the small town of Agujitas, and provides a beautiful combination of beach and tropical forest over an area of 500 hectares. Further east, is the Campanario Biological Reserve, and in small town of Los Planes, near Agujitas, the rainforest is ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

Activities on Drake Bay- Let the Adrenaline Rush!

Let the Corcovado Tent Camp help you plan your adventures! Drake Bay is the perfect refuge for a peaceful vacation as well as for those seeking active adventure.

Some activities available include:

  • Dolphin and Whale Watching- One of the top attractions in Costa Rica is to jump on a boat and view the variety of whales and dolphins that migrate to the calm waters of Drake Bay to mate and raise their young.
  • Sport Fishing in Drake Bay- Drake Bay one of the best places for Sports Fishing in Costa Rica.  In fact, over 40 IGFA records have been set within the Osa Peninsula.
  • Surf in Drake Bay- A great location for surfing; take a boat to reach the best location full of several areas full of long and powerful waves and swells.